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Thread: Zuma: Who Plays It? :D

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    Zuma: Who Plays It? :D

    Today, my family and I went to my grandmother and grandfather to wish them a Happy New Year. As usual, we were there for about 7 hours or so, so I needed something to play. I was looking on the internet yesterday for a few little games on my laptop, and then the word ''Zuma'' flashed before my eyes somewhere. This brought back all sorts of memories from when I was a little kid, when I used to play Zuma Deluxe very often. I wondered if there were any new Zuma games released, and found out about Zuma's Revenge. I went ahead and bought Zuma's Revenge for 19,-. I installed it on my laptop, played a fair amount of time, and I'm totally addicted again.

    So what is Zuma? In Zuma, coloured balls steadily spin towards the abyss, and it's your job to stop these balls from reaching the abyss, or you're history. You're playing the game as a frog, who can shoot coloured balls out of his mouth. With these balls, you can match up the balls rolling through the level, and when you match three of them of the same colour, they dissapear. You will find yourself on a certain spot in the level, and then it's your job to ''rescue'' the balls from falling in the abyss. In the beginning, it can be a little difficult, but once you get the hang of it, it's really fun and yet addictive.

    Gameplay video (how do I embed a YouTube video on WiiHacks? )

    There's an Adventure Mode, where you simply play through a set of levels and where you battle some bosses, a Challenge Mode, where you have to reach a certain amount of points to proceed to the next challenge, the Heroic Frog Mode, where you play through a tougher version of the Adventure Mode, and an Iron Frog Mode, where you play through ten very difficult levels with only one life. You can register various persons, so that everybody can proceed with their own progress. There's a score system in the game as well, so if you complete the game, you can always revisit to improve your score. The Ace Times are also a reason to revisit the game once fully completed. If you beat a level under the Ace Time, you get more points and an extra life. It's all quite fun, and an excellent game when you don't have something to do.

    So, who plays Zuma, or is willing to try it?
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