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Thread: Accidental Upgrad - Now No Wiiflow?

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    Accidental Upgrad - Now No Wiiflow?

    Hi guys,

    I flashed the girlfriends Wii and then last night whilst away someone put in Greece and updated the from the game!! No when I load Wiiflow it doesn't recognise the HDD and keeps asking it to be plugged in even though it is plugged in? It's now on 4.2E, still has the Wiiflow forward and homebrew - any quick fix for this?


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    use the softmod any wii guide in my sig it will get you upto date with it being updated it killed your homebrew so do the guide in my sig and your good to go and dont forget to install priiloader and enable block disc updates and enable block online updates
    thanks to bmarlo for this signature


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