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Thread: Scrubbed question..plz help?

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    Ca Scrubbed question..plz help?

    I am just one week at this so plz bear with me:

    got a wiikey2 with auto update blocker, installed last week (thanks modderman). wii is at rev 3.2

    I downloaded mario kart-PAL and used brickblocker and patched it.....worked great

    I have tried two more games that were scrubbed with no luck. I get the menu screen for the games and then blank screen. have to pwr down to get out.
    I use Verbatim DVD-R, 4x speed on Imgburn. Used WIU 1.1 to make sure the iso was good.

    Should I just download the 4.3 gig file that takes days? or do I need something else to play scrubbed games?

    any guidance appreciated.

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    Srubbed discs should play if you are on 3.2. You might want to try using GeckoOS from homebrew channel (if you have it) to launch the scrubbed discs and see if that helps.

    Personally I would suggest going with the full disc.

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    what game is it? maybe you need updated IOS's if it's a recent game as usually a missing IOS will make a black screen
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    i assume missing IOS like animal crossing and NFS


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