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Thread: I need Help with Wii Sport Resort

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    Smile I need Help with Wii Sport Resort

    Well guys,

    I'm with Wii Sports Resort "European WSP2 U.S. (P), to play I'm using uLoader v5.1D, I did the whole procedure of loading the alternative DOL and watch the video talking about the motion plus, but when I go uLoader enter again to load the game simply does not enter the game to my TV screen goes black. What do I do to solve this problem? Recalling that is installed on my Wii cIOS of the Hermes.

    A doubt!
    I was watching a video on youtube where the guy was using version 2.6 uLoader, and there it loads the alternative DOL watched the videos, but when he came back from the alternative uLoader DOL appeared loaded, he just erased the DOL and carried the game. In my case the DOL is not recorded, ie, does not appear the option to delete the DOL.

    video link - Failtube link removed

    I hope answers. Thanks.

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    Load the game with your original disk first. Once you do that the game should load just fine from the USB drive.

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    You're far kinder than me. I'd remind this user if he utilizes that search bar in the upper right corner (you DID post in the Intro section to get a search tutorial link, right? Oops, looks like you missed that opportunity --- it's not too late you know) he'd have found our GUIDE on this game. Thread closed.


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