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Thread: How To Run ISOs Through USB on Wii 4.3U - HELP!?

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    Unhappy How To Run ISOs Through USB on Wii 4.3U - HELP!?

    I am running Wii Firmware 4.3U, and I am new to all this modding. I just installed the homebrew channel yesterday, so I'm still learning.

    I downloaded several USB Loaders, including USB Loader GX, and Coverflow. I know how to use WBFS manager to put iso's onto my flash drive, and all.

    Once I put the .iso onto my flash drive, I plugged it into the outermost back usb port on my Wii, and launched all of the launchers mentioned above.

    What I got was an empty, black screen, and a disconnected controller.

    Is there anything else I have to do to get the USB Loaders functioning?

    Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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    Did you softmod your Wii after installing the Homebrew Channel, if not then look in my signauter to softmod any Wii.

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    We have guides for formatting and correctly setting hdd. Search in the tutorials section.

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    Follow the 4.3 Softmod Guide starting with Chapter 2 (unless you haven't made a NAND backup. In that case do so now by following the steps in chapter 1). HBC is not enough to play backup games.

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