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Thread: Untouched soft modded Wii on version 3.4, what should I update?

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    Untouched soft modded Wii on version 3.4, what should I update?

    Hello everyone, first off I would just like to apologize if I broke any of the rules or guide lines within posting threads in the forum. With that being said, I'll carry on..

    My console is soft modded and currently on version 3.4. I have not touched/updated it for nearly a year and half. It already contains the homebrew channel on it. Back then, it was hacked through the Twilight Princess exploit. I'm not exactly sure what to do or how to update my wii so that I can play my more recent backed up games.

    All help is greatly appreciated

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    from what i have read dont update through nintendo games or internet. there are some safe updates already made here so look for those i think they are called safe update. then u will update with the sd card, i think im brand new and learning

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    You should make an intro post in the introductions section. There you will receive a greeting post with links to valuable links to FAQ's and guides.

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