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Thread: hello everyone

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    hello everyone

    hello everyone im dhhbomb, never done any mods to a wii but do own one. friend said i should pay someone to hack mine, but figured id rather learn to do it myself, so i can fix it if anything ever happens. looking forward to talking with you guys. and on a side note i was thinking of buying a used wii with a disc error. and practice hacking on that and hook up a hdd, rather than mess with my wii which is an older one. but it is on 4.2 U. any thoughts on a used wii off ebay with a disc error?, thanks for your imput i read the rules, but i break one please let me know

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    thanks, is there any advantage to using this guide?
    is that an older update, or is it better to stick with the 4.2 hack, idk but i was thinking that this guide might be newer, thanks for the advice.


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