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Thread: DKCR Backup will not load

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    DKCR Backup will not load

    Okay so yesterday I backed up a copy of DKCR. When the disc was in the tray the channel said system update needed. In fear of bricking my wii, I didn't download the update (I was using firmware 4.2e)

    However, Using CFG USB Loader and other USB loading software the game wouldn't load. Instead it would leave with a black screen and a frozen wii. I decided my problem must lie within using 4.2 so today I formatted my wii and upgraded to 4.3. Then remodded it with the Lego indiana hack.

    I'm still having the same problem DKCR will not load off CFG USB Loader. Im using IOS 250.

    I use WBFS not FAT 32.

    Any idea's of how to get this game running from USB (without switching to FAT 32)

    EDIT: I realise now this is in the wrong section. If a mod would be so kind as to move it.
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