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Thread: Help with D2pro9 firmware update

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    Help with D2pro9 firmware update

    I have a d2pro9 that I have never updated. It is not ejecting or recognizing discs half the time. I want to update the firmware but I don't have a clue on how to do it. Could someone explain in newbie terms excactly what I need to buy or download to update this thing? Thanks guys.

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    This vid kinda sucks but gives you the general idea..... YouTube - How to update your Firmware to 1.7 D2pro

    If not,
    1) visit d2pro home page and download the appropriate update from the Resource page
    2) extract and burn with image burn
    3) load disc and follow on screen instructions\

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    Youtube video links bad...

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    So I don't need d2prog? What is d2prog used for?
    Thanks for that link BTW. It's helpful.

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    Can you tell me the difference between v1.7 utility disc and v2.3 firmware update?

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    you dont need the d2prog to update the firmware. there are two chips on the board, the d2prog updates only one chip - not the one for the firmware.

    If you have the soldersless chip w/ Wii clip then use the utility disc or identify your chip. Thats what i've used and it worked perfectly. To be 100% sure its up to date update w/ 1.7 and then NSMB DVD update.


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