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Thread: Drivekey on 4.3U Wii

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    Drivekey on 4.3U Wii

    Hi Guys,

    I purchased a Wii with Drivekey installed on it already from some guy. The wii was purchased in April 2009

    Its updated to 4.3U I've been burning a few games lately but some read and some won't

    For example Kirby Epic Yarn and I were playing it till like the 3rd level but than some random error came up.

    Than some games won't work at all like super mario brothers giving me the message of "An error has occurred. Press the Eject button and remove the disc, then turn the Wii console off and refer to the Wii Operations Manual for help troubleshooting."

    Newer games like donkey kong worked but i haven't played far enough to see if the same thing would happen like Kirby

    I've been reading alot of tutorials about softmoding, but i'm hoping i wouldn't have to as the wii already has a mod chip.

    Thanks in advance.

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    This is just guess but I would almost put money on the fact that the games you are having problems with are out of region games. System Menu 4.3 kills the ability to play them. What System menu was you on before the update?

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    to be honest no idea,

    i was so excited about the wii i popped in the DK game and it was updating it and worked like a charm so figured all was good.

    but than other games weren't working after that

    I've been gettin NTSC games so far

    I'm looking into updating the firmware for the mod, but not sure if that would help or should be attempted

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    Follow this guide and see if it helps. It will bring your system back to 4.1 but that will not hinder your game play in any way. In fact, if it is a region issue then your out of region games should work again.

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    what if the game ask to update the wii after i downgrade?

    and is this why the kirby game went into a black screen with the error (sorry i can't remember what the error message was)

    thanks agin

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    All games are IOS dependent and not System Menu dependent. Therefor if you update your IOS you will not see the update prompt in the disk channel. You can use this guide to update your IOS's if needed but the 4.3 update should have ready done that for you.

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    man oh man this is more complicated than xbox mod

    can you please link me to information on IOS and system menu?

    been reading about that but no idea what that all is.



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