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Thread: Wii Laptop Mod

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    Wii Laptop Mod

    The famed Ben Heckendorn concocted the first Wii Laptop of note way back in 2007, but ever since, the modding community at large has been toiling away on ways to improve it. ShockSlayer, a member over at Mod Retro, has accomplished just that, with his predictably titled Wii Laptop relying on a 7-inch LCD, an integrated sensor bar, a couple of polycases and inbuilt speakers. There's hardly anything here that couldn't be found at your local Radio Shack, save for the SunDriver -- that particular product has enabled him to ditch the DVD drive and install a SATA HDD within. From there, he burned his Wii game discs and loaded 'em all inside, making the whole thing extra mobile. Oh, and did we mention that it's powered by rechargeable batteries? Because it is.

    Source- engadget


    I'd buy this instead of a 3DS

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