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Thread: USB loader gets stuck and won't load the game list!

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    USB loader gets stuck and won't load the game list!

    Hi. I'm pretty new to this forum but I have been sneaking around for a while without posting something. And yesterday I ran into this problem which I really can't fix. I got my wii like 2 weeks ago and it's softmodded by some guys at a store. I was going to buy a SD-card reader but the stores here are closed until 2nd of January or something. Anyway, my problem is that when I load USB-gx loader or wiiflow (those 2 I currently have) it gets stuck and says I should connect my hdd to the wii. I have been able to play games from this hdd, it's a WD passport essential 500GB. Well I still can, but I have to reformat it on my pc and load every game I have to it again. I've noticed that this problem occurs when I have exited from a game twice. When I'm back on the Wii menu and going to load usb-gx loader or wiiflow the 3rd time this shit happens. USB-gx loader is fully up to date and Wiiflow as well. Oh btw, I can see when it stops working when I load USB-gx loader. It gets stuck on "Initialize wbfs" and then a very weird screen appears.. I've been googling and searching for hours without results, seems like no one has had this problem before :S. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    You can try switching your setup to a full FAT32 partition, which will allow you to load the loader from the USB device instead of the SD card. Give it a try. It may take a little time to backup and convert some of your games, but it is worth it.
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    Mates got the same Hard Drive and he had the freezing issue as well,
    I just reformatted a couple of times and it seems to be ok now, He's using configurable loader and a fat32 system.

    Funny ,this drive is said to be compatible and it obviously works but I've read loads of folk
    having problems with it

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    Okey thanks! Glad I'm not the only one with this issue ^_^. Should i just format the hdd and put a loader in there? What about the games? Where should I put them? Is there any guide out there which explains how to do this? Thanks once again! (:

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    Tutorial and files on here , look for Configurable USB Loader,

    format H/D to fat32, you'll prob have to use guiformat.exe (small free proram)
    and your good to go

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    You could try an older version of Wiiflow or conf usbloader v60 works real well. It has been said that lots of ppl are no longer using usbloader gx.


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