I just ordered a sundrive. I have a new black wii with firmware 4.3u ... I softmodded it and put a usb loader to play wii isos via an external hard drive... (all good there).

The reason I am buying the Sundrive is solely to play Gamecube iso's. I have the newer (d2-d3) drive in my wii so it won't play Gamecube backups.

Now my questions:

1) Will this work with firmware 4.3u or do I need to downgrade or something?
2) Will it be "good to go" once I install it or will I need to upgrade the firmware? I've seen Nero Dual Programmer mentioned. Will I need that? If so, where can I buy it? It wasn't on the site where I ordered the sundrive.
3) Does the software that loads the wii iso's onto hard drive also load the gamecube iso's or do I have to do something special for gamecube?
4) Will the wavebird or other wireless gamecube controller work with Sundrive? Or do I need a wired controller?

I've tried to research these questions, but no luck, so I thought I'd post here. Thanks in advance for any input. Happy New Year!