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Thread: DKCR slight lag at opening cutscene

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    DKCR slight lag at opening cutscene

    There's nothing wrong in particular with this problem since the opening is rather short and this problem only occurs in this game. Yet I wanted to give it a shot at this forum and ask if anyone knows about this problem?

    It lags at the opening and it stresses me. Anyone know how I should fix this?

    Thanks in advance!!

    Edit: Oh damn this is the hardmod forums. Could this be moved please. Thanks
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    Does really nobody have t his issue too? I only found one person throughout the net that does at the piratebay comment sections. I know it's just a small thing but I get the feeling like i'm the only one having this issue. As if there's something wrng with my configurations maybe while I softmodded my wii in the method that's explained in the 4.3 guide. I guessed more should have this problem with t hat being the case. Thanks in advance

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    I found out it's my hard drive after playing the game on my USB stick. I tried experimenting on ntfs format on my hard drive, tried fat32 as well but still the same old problem comes. The stutter just keeps doing it's thing.

    I also did a sector clean up and there were no issues at all. Anyone know how to make a HDD faster ?? A format setting or whatever?


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