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Thread: Wii newbie here, first time poster: banner bricked Wii

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    Wii newbie here, first time poster: banner bricked Wii

    I am trying to resurrect a freebie Wii that I got recently. I have never even played with a Wii so I am anxious to get it running.

    The Wii i got recently had a funky dvd drive, it wasn't ejecting or playing right. So I went and took apart the Wii and repaired the drive, the ejection roller wasn't seated right. Once I got it back together, I powered it up and the unit worked with the gamecube game that I had.

    I went and bought wii sports so I could see just how much fun it was the following day.

    After I powered the unit up, I no longer got any video, just a black screen. Tried different video cable to no avail.

    I just gave up on the unit and put it away.

    Today I was given a motherboard from a Wii for free from a repair shop. I swapped drives and powered it up. I get video now finally but as soon as you hit the "A" button, the unit brings up the "system files are corrupt" error and will not allow you to do anything else.

    After doing a bunch of research, I have come to the conclusion that this wii is fully bricked and needs some tricks to fix it. I guess this is called "banner brick".

    I did a bunch of searching and found out about Savemii and using a gamecube controller to invoke recovery mode. It works, I get a logo on the lower right of my screen with a 4 and usa so I assume my unit has the 4.0 firmeware.

    The problem is what do I do at that point? I found this link: which talks about the Wii backup disc but the problem is, where do I get that so I can burn it?

    I'm not really looking to mod my wii at this point, I just want to get it working again.

    Okay, I found more info. I found TURDinc's download section and downloaded the Nintendo's Offical Wii BackUp Disk v1.31image. I first tried using Nero to burn the image but that didn't work, I thgink that there was a problem with the program because after the image was burnt with Nero,if you put the dvd back into the computer, it still showed up as blank and the dvd itself didn't look like any data was burned on it, the back surface still looked new.

    So I tried another computer. I used the latest version of Imageburn and used it to burn the Nintendo's Offical Wii BackUp Disk v1.31 dvd. I used a dvd-r. After the image was burned, I checked the dvd, the dvd surface actually looked like it had data burned to it and didn't look empty.

    I put it into the Wii and did the gamecube up-down-left-right trick. I got the 4.0(USA) on theh lower left corner but never goes any further.

    If I put my wii sports game in while it shows the 4.0(usa) banner, the screen goes blank and nothing happens.

    I then got ticked off and decided to try my original motherboard. INstalled the original motherboard back into my wii. This motherboard had an issue that when you turned on the wii, you only got a black screen, no heath warning.

    I did the gamecube controller trick with this motherboard. I got a different firmware logo. This motherboard shows 3.3(USA) on the lower right corner so I know that the motherboard is acgtually working enough to show that.

    Tried putting the Nintendo's Offical Wii BackUp Disk v1.31 dvd back into the system and still nothing. It reads for a bit then nothing.

    What am I doing wrong at this point? Do you acutally have to have a mod chip installed for the system to read *any* burned dvds?

    Thanks.. This site is a wealth of info!
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    Have a look here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pob3008 View Post
    Have a look here
    That link helped a LOT. I went and took apart the new motherboard and took the bluetooth and wireless modules out. Opened up my original 3.3 motherboard and took the bluetooth module out and replaced it with the new module from the replacement motherboard.

    Success! I know have a working wii!


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