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Thread: so wich mod did i do

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    so wich mod did i do

    hello thier i modded my wii through you tube and ive notice that the one from thier has less wads then the one from wii hacks plus some of the ones from wii hacks wad list end with the word ted should i re-mod it or add the missing ones?

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    Re-mod your Wii using the Softmod ANY Wii guide found in my signature. YouTube guides aren't really recommended here, due to the fact that many have become outdated, and that they never get updated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBandicootAddict View Post
    due to the fact that many have become outdated, and that they never get updated.
    That and the fact that they suck!

    @artofdying9: Take a look at the red link in my sig.
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    Is the correct answer the one you found on YouTube? Kind of vague...
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    thanks alot should uninstal preloader first and will just adding theses wads cause any type of negative affects?

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    also i downgraded my wii to 4.1 will i have to use the 4.3 wii mod guide

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    Just follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide from the begin to the end. Don't skip anything, or try to work around something, as combining different guide may lead to a messed up Wii.

    @ Joostin --- And the fact that they fail/suck most of the time, indeed.

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    i just dumped the wads to my wii. how do you know if you got boot2 successfully installed?


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