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Thread: Just Dance 2 - anyone get this game to work?

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    Just Dance 2 - anyone get this game to work?

    I have a older drive key installed with 4.1u on my wii. I am not sure if updating is a good idea since i did it once and then any back ups i had that was pal did not work. so i had to downgrade using wad manager.

    Just dance 2 wont run unless the wii updates. I was wondering if anyone here has gotten it to work or what would be the best way to get it work.

    this game is the original so I could update to 4.3 but then what would be involved in playing my backups. i assume I would have to soft mod to play them. would be a good idea?

    any input is greatly appreciated

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    I got this to work on 4.2E by updating the usb loader and played through hdd not off of the original disc. I then updated to 4,3E and did a complete soft mod again and it works perfectly either original or back up.

    Hope this helps, I was having loads of problems with new game so updated to 4.3 and softmodded again (never downgraded) and touch wood had no problems since couple of months now and have all original games but have two wiis one at my house in uk and one in europe so use back ups on one and originals on the other.


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    I had problems with this one, but got it going using ios250.


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