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Thread: Which WII drive to choose

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    Question Which WII drive to choose

    I have an European WII (serial number LEH2326.....). After only 4 weeks my 4 years old made the WII sports disk unreadable. Therefore, I want to mod it to play backups and for homebrew. From the serial number, I probably have a D2E drive with Epoxy. I found a local dealer which claims is selling new WII drives and I have the choice (for the same price) between a DMS and a D2C.
    I'm thinking get a WIIKEY2 for them. The question is, beside the extra wire needed for a D2C drive are there other advantages or disadvantages between the 2 drive versions ? (I'm thinking about reliability, noise, error correction/ability to read scratched disks, maybe other aspects)
    Given the same price and the (doubtful) claim both drives are brand new, which model I should choose ?

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    Not sure what they're charging, but take a look at this:
    DealExtreme: $60.70 Repair Part Replacement DVD-ROM Optical Laser Drive Module (D2C Mechanism) for Wii
    $61 USD for a D2C

    If you wanted to future proof yourself:
    Buy 2, 1 for now, 1 for a spare.
    Buy a modchip on a clip, this way you can get back up and running quickly if the drive fails again.


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