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Thread: Install a Wode without working Wii DVD drive?

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    Install a Wode without working Wii DVD drive?

    Wii DVD broke. Tried a new laser, no fix. Tried a new drive motor and I can't seem to get the torsion right on those size 6 torx tensioner screws because the damn thing keeps either grinding or just not spinning at all.

    So I'm researching Wode, and to me it seems if I was going to buy the $50 DVD drive to fix my Wii that won't run discs, I might as well front the extra 30-40 and just get a Wode instead.

    I can create my backups on another system and load them into the HDD and that should work without the DVD as long as I disable it enough to prevent the disc error protocols on boot up of the Wii, right?

    Let me know if I'm on the mark here.

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    IDK, but posting this in USB HDD in and of itself seems less on topic than the WODE section of the site --- moved thread.

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    Once you have installed the WODE there is no need for the optical drive at all. In fact I have taken my optical drive out as I do not want my kids to use the DVD's at all.

    Works fine.
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