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Thread: Emulator questions.........

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    Emulator questions.........

    I loaded both FCE Ultra GX, and SNES9XGX, and i have the ios58 installed, and both emulators play all roms perfectly, until, i try to save the games. When i hit the home button on the wii remote, and click save, i get an error opening directory message. How can i save my game so i don't have to play 5 hours again and lose it all?

    Also, how can i get a system channel for my emulators so i don't have to keep going to homebrew to play them.

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    Ya know, there's an emulation section of the site --- thread moved. Worse, one of our better users just created a most excellent thread on the subject of emulators. Perhaps learning to search should be the first order of business. You'll find a link to the thread I speak of at the top under "Blogs." Thread closed.


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