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Thread: Black screen brick, with hardware block?

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    Black screen brick, with hardware block?

    Wii ver 3.2, IOS61v21.29

    My wii is apparently bricked, it loads to a blank screen when my SDCard is not inserted, when it is inserted it goes to Boot Mii. I would love to try a NAND restore but that isn't an option at the moment because of previous laptop failure and no Hard drive readers.

    I try to go into Homebrew (ver. 1.0.6) and launch preloader and such, but homebrew now refuses to read my SDCard nor my USB device. Which is strange because obviously my wii can read my SDCard due to bootmii booting.

    I have done absolutely no hacking or configuring of hardware or software lately, I've only played Monster Hunter Tri, no hacks activated. I noticed my Wii would sometimes lead to a black screen about a week ago, I naively ignored it thinking it was nothing, and now it absolutely screwed it seems.

    Seems like I can't gain anything without losing another in my damn life, I'd love if I could fix this, so I now ask for your help.

    Things you should know:

    * USB & SDCard formatted to FAT
    * No Tampering with the Wii as of late
    * I Have a NAND, but it not for my Wii, don't know how to encrypt it
    * No updating of Wii console
    * Wii mote won't sync

    PLEASE, help.

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    Start by following this guide. If that doesn't work we may have to resort to more extreme measures.

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    Thank you, I'll try that method and post my results soon.

    Edit: Seems like I'm still in a ditch. My wii stops at "IOS successfully loaded."
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