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Thread: Black Ops multiplayer Problem !

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    Black Ops multiplayer Problem !

    Okay , I've had few problems with black ops since i Downloaded it , i have a soft modded Wii. I couldn't Run The game First because it froze on loading screen .
    I fixed it ,
    But now Im trying to connect to Wii to play online and it says I cannot download update because you have not accepted the user agreement. To download update you must accept the user aggreement in the wii system settings.
    Is it ok to accept this ? If not , What do i do ?

    Ps. I have read the black ops guide and Did not find anything there :s So plz dont Tell me to read that

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    make sure you have the correct 49 iso in your wad folder and youve installed it
    in settings run it under iso 249
    only way ive got it running on 5 wiis so far

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    you have to accept the agreement its just a web agreement not an update
    agree and continue and enjoy

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    yea but it says To upgrade you need to blablabla . does it upgrade if i accept ?

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    no its an agreement to use the internet mate
    just accept then click no to upgrade and set up your wireless

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    we dont support piaricy here at wiihacks and you there is already a detailed guide for this game

    ^^^^^^^^pimpness from the mighty bmarlo ^^^^^^^^

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    it doesnt allow me to agree ..

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    never seen that ever ever sorry
    always been able to accept the internet agreement

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    Hrmmmmmm did i see i guide around here.... Hrmmmm where did you go . . . . . . .

    Thread Closed for continued FAIL and not reading the Game Guide!!!! And you DL'ed it.... FAIL FAIL
    WE dont support Piracy!!!

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    There is so much fail in this thread. Guess what you get?

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