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Thread: Soft mod Wii not reading external hard drive now..

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    Soft mod Wii not reading external hard drive now..

    I have a soft modded red Wii with 4.3U I modded the Wii and it worked great. Someone updated the Wii using the Call of Duty: Black Ops disc so I had to mod the Wii again. Well now the USB Loader will not notice any external hard drives. It does work when I use my 8gb USB thumb drive though. Anyone know why the Wii will not detect the external hard drives?

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    You should check the usb cable to make sure nothing's wrong.

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    I am going to do that right now. I assumed it was fine since I was able to use WBFS on my pc and add games to the hdd.

    Edit: Well there must be something wrong with the hard drive. My friends hard drive is now working but mine will not.
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    Soft mod Wii not reading external hard drive

    I have wiiflow on my wii 4.3u. Sometime it reads the hard drive some times it dont.I plugged in to my computer wfbs reads it fine all the games are there changed cords to i know it not that....Sometime when it wont read it i pop out my SD cardand then it will come on any thoughts


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