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Thread: am i up to date on my soft mod for black ops

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    am i up to date on my soft mod for black ops

    hello thier wii hacks i just soft modded my wii and tried play a backup of my call of duty black ops from my external hard drive but wont work how do i get my wii up to date my other games work but its probably cause their older ones but any ways how do i get it up to date i herd you have to install something called wads but i dont know if i have to uninstall the old wads but any ways correct me if im wrong
    (my back ups are for my own personal use cause i like to keep my games in mint condition plus my baby sis always breaks my disks )

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    nice first post.. not.
    do some more reading and searching, also see the sticky threads in this forum
    Please refer to this Call of Duty: Black Ops Guide. Thank you!

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