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Thread: How do I burn gamecube games?

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    How do I burn gamecube games?

    Hello. I have 2 gamecube games that are ready to burn. BUT they are not iso files. One is a GCM file and the other is a bunch of SC-BDT files? I tried to burn the GCM game file using imgburn and when I try and play it, the game loads, then the screen goes green, then the wii restarts itself? I have no problem playing burned wii games? What do i do?

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    The green screen usually means you didn't patch the MIOS, look in my signature to do that. I know you can burn the .gcm file with image burn, I don't know about the other, perhaps you need to right click on one of them and extract it.

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    U patched Mios?
    and about the SC BDT: u should check this link Click I guess its just a winrar file? try to extract?

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