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Thread: Wad install errors

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    Ca Wad install errors

    I recently just purchased a new Black wii, with 4.3U installed.

    I followed the guide for installing the Indiana Pwns way. I have successfully installed the HBC, but when I try to install any of the WADS, I get a ticket error. If I try to install them one at a time, it just says it was not installed.

    I've seen on other websites, ppl have run into the same problem, but I have yet to find a solution for it. Should I manually install an IOS or something.

    Any information or guidance would be appreciated.


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    make sure you have enough blocks check your channels see if there is 1 from nintendo that takes up alot of blocks delete that and try install the wads again
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    Alright thanks, ill give that a try.

    If that for some reason doesnt work, because I believe a have a lot of freee space. Do you have another recommendation?

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