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Thread: Noob help please

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    Question Noob help please


    I'm going to get my Wii modded, and I'm either going with Wiikey v2, or the WiiWasp.

    I think I will go with the Wiikey v2 because there is more support out the on the "WWW". update do you have to do something manually? Or can you just do the regular update on the Wii? Also, apparently to run homebrew applications, some versions are better than others, is this ture? Does it matter?

    Thanks all answerers!

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    wiiwasp is trash, for the simple fact ive never heard of it, and befor i made idiot of myself i asked MM about wiiwasp and got "a i think"

    go with wiikey 2 its solid with a lot of support

    you got to download ISO updates from the site
    burn to a disc
    in the disc channel it will show a GC game
    boot it
    and install

    yes firmware is improtant for homebrew
    3.2 is the best
    3.3 is ok i would downgrade because it limits things like wad's
    3.4 is trash does all the 3.3 things, and allows nintendo to freely update your wii
    i would read the starter guide there, and many others should help a lot!


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