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Thread: What do I do now?

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    What do I do now?

    I have a Wii that is 4.3u and I used the latest indianpwns to use hackmii to install home brew. installation was easy. I accessed the home brew channel. All it seems to do is show the home screen with the bubbles. I tried to load bootmii from there and the colors around the drive started blinking blue. I burned a back upof a game I own on a Maxell dvd+r at max speed. I put the disc in and it still just blinks blue. What am I missing here... I have read and read... Everybody tells me piracy is wrong but I am not doing it for that. Backing my stuff up and learning thats all. Is there an app I have to install? A step I am missing? A command with bootmii I am not doing? It is just so hard to get an answer you can trust and is a straight truth. Please help!!!

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    you need to follow all of the softmod guide (linked in my sig).

    simply installing hbc is not enough.

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    yay, do more reading.
    backups are not run with bootmii... use one of our softmod guides, you are not done with having the hbc and bootmii.. you may even have a red/black or too new wii so you have to usb load your games.

    see here:

    edit: the media to go for are verbatim -R anyways.
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    Newer Wii's will not read burned games or DVD movies. Did you download the apps pak? Go here and make sure you have everything


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