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Thread: Booting into USB Loader GX and having game art and hombrew apps All on HDD

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    Booting into USB Loader GX and having game art and hombrew apps All on HDD

    Ok prior to this moment my daughter was using the SD card to access usb loader gx to play her games. I have read on this site and watched on youtube that her Wii can be configured to Boot up right into usbloader gx channel. So i copied all the files from the sd card onto the HDD and booted up her Wii and the homebrew channel is blank and the usb loader channel shows the games but no game art and i can't download the game art without sd card. CAN Someone anyone assist me. Yes i know that there are tutorials however i have not found one that specifically addresses my issue. Thanks a Million in advance

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    I'm not familiar with Usb loader gx but i f you want to try something else like Wiiflow or CFG, here is a guide. They can be run from the hard drive only, no sd required.
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    There are multiple issues now and multiple solutions. Booting into GX has nothing to do with having your files on the SD or HDD. It's an option you set in Priiloader. As far as your apps not appearing in homebrew now that they are on your HDD... press 1 while in the HBC and switch to SD to USB and they should appear. As far as the covers that's probably because they are configured to the wrong path. It is still looking and trying to store files in folder on the SD that no longer exists because you moved it to your HDD. Go into your options and reconfigure it to look for the folder on your HDD instead. Or you can move everything back. The choice is yours because where the files are is irrelevant to what you are trying to accomplish.
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