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Thread: Help With Low Level Bricked Wii

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    Help With Low Level Bricked Wii

    Hi, I realize that I'm a total idiot for bricking my own wii, especially with all the help on the internet. My problem is this:

    I wanted to install and use mymenuify, but I saw that there was a possibility I would brick my wii. Therefore, I installed bootmii, but my problem was that I installed it only as an IOS and not as boot2. Now, when I turn my wii on, I get a black screen and nothing else. I've been trying to figure out how to unbrick the wii, using instructions I've seen on posts with similar problems to mine, but nothing seems to be working. I really need help, can someone tell me what to do?

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    100 points for stupidity in using themes with no bootmii/boot2.

    you do realise there is a bricked wii section of the forum where i now have to move this thread to?

    Do you have priiloader? or a nand backup?

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    I don't have either. Is there a way I can get one of those? I thought I was only supposed to install bootmii as an IOS, I didn't know I needed to install as boot2. Sorry for posting in the wrong place by the way. As we've confirmed, I'm an idiot.

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    What is your serial number????

    Also if you put the bootmii folder on your sd what happens on boot!!!

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    serial is LU352946070. Nothing happens when I boot. It's just a blank black screen

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    Did you install BootMii? If so, IOS install or boot2?

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    I have bootmii, but it's IOS only

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    Unless your Wii's boot2-capable, you're done --- can't be fixed.

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    What about NAND programming?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrkalejaiye View Post
    What about NAND programming?
    You didn't make a backup.
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