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Thread: help with usbloaderGX ripping please!

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    help with usbloaderGX ripping please!

    hi. i recently softmodded my wii and am trying to rip games to my external hdd. ive looked at the guide i used for usbloadergx and im losing my mind. it says to click the "+"sign and then insert a game and install it. well the problem is i do all that and its just a blank screen. there is no progression bar or anything. i am able to play iso's that i have put on the hdd from my comp but it just wont rip any of my disc games. also i would like to know if game cube games are able to be ripped to the hdd. if anyone could help me out it would be sooooo helpful

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    In my personal experience, when I insert a game into USB Loader GX (disc obviously), it auto-prompts me "Install?" There may be revisions that you manually have to press "+" but only after you insert the disc. Also this app has revisions prone to bugs; perhaps try a different version from here. Wad versions = wad manager/channel install; dol versions = HBC/SD card.

    There's not really any effective/real way to rip GC games to HD. This is "being worked on," but something stable and workable thus far isn't available (except for WODE and that's hardware).

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    thanks for the help man. i just recently found out that a new usbloader GX 2.0 was released like a half hour ago so im going to completely redo it with the newest software and see where that takes me. sucks about the GC games though heh i have alot of favorites for that console.

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    Definitely a revision bug as nightstah says!
    In the new revision that bug is fixed.


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