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Thread: Wii HDD Trouble shooting

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    Wii HDD Trouble shooting

    I am very new to the softmod scene, though my Wii was a somewhat old one with a hardmod chip (Wasabi) about 3 years ago.

    I've completed the softmod guide by Mauifrog and it's working very nicely with a 4.1U system menu now. I've installed CFG USB Loader with about 50 games now. I loaded them into the HDD (FAT32 formatted) through Wii Backup Manager 0.3.6. It works fine when I tested it and the games played without problem.

    But then the next day when I tried to play again, the USB loader ran, it saw the games and all, but none of the games played. It froze trying to load it and eventually lead to a blank screen. I had to reset the Wii. I didn't change any configuration since I played last though. I deleted everything from the HDD, and transferred everything back to it all over again. AND THE GAMES PLAYED FINE again!!! That is until I turned it off, came back the next day. It's blank screen all over again.

    Can someone shed some light on this? I've googled a lot but found no solution. I powered down my Wii completely, if that matters at all.

    I've a Western Digital My Passport Essential (500GB), Robot Special addition My Passport Essential 500 GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive WDBAAA5000AD6-NESN: Electronics

    Is it compatibility issue because of the special edition of the HDD (seems unlikely though). Anything else I can/should try? Many thanks ahead.

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    IDK. I use the My Passport Essential 500gb USB 2.0 External without issue. Your exterior case is obviously different than mine, lol; who knows about the internals --- one would think not (meaning in all likelihood, they should be the same).

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    Yeah, it sure looks like a strange problem that it runs fine only right after the first load (I've also tried adding new games to the exisiting stash, and none of the games would load after that). It's really frustrating that right now, my only option is to reload the HDD everytime. It just doesn't make sense that I would need 2+hours to load all the games before I play everytime. lol


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