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    I have been searched the website about converting my games and installing them onto a hard drive. Everything I have so far works perfectly. I was able to mod the Wii and set up my hard drive to hold the games. The problem I have is that I have used Wii Backup Manager to transfer the games from my main pc to the hard drive. When I transfer a 4.5 GB file, the program converted it down to under 700 MB. I do know that because the external drive is FAT32 that I cannot have any files over 4 GB.

    I am wondering if I reformat my external drive to the NTFS file system, can I just copy and paste the iso's into their appropriate directories? Will the USB loader be able to read the iso's? I am afraid that I am loosing some important information when the file converts.

    Thank-you for all the help I have received. The tutorial I used was perfect and made modding my Wii very easy.

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    yes it will still read it wy do you want to reformat
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    leave it how it is, you are not losing anything important, only updates and junk data.


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