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Thread: new wii update?

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    Arrow new wii update?

    Hello there i have the d2pro9 wire soldier and wondering this new update im not sure what version i have on the wii, is this update bad for it whats it do.

    All i use wii for burnt games bout it

    im on version 3.3E
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    no, 3.4 is

    3.3 gives issues with wad manager, and thats about it, since you dont have that, you must keep updating via games or youll never be able to play some/a lot, you can easily live with that, so no worries

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    cool what happens say a game needs 3.4 or higher i dont want to update because of some reasons like that?

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    theres reasons mostly homebrew, but post 3.4 nintendo can freely update your wii, meaning you might lose stuff, you can just find work arounds, but most require things u can only do on 3.2 or lower


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