I just installed USB loader, mainly because I moved to the US from europe and staring PAL games was a pain. Now I dumped most of my games and most (both new US versions such as Mario Galaxy 2 and Donkey Kong as well as older EU version I had bought over there) work fine, but of all things Wii Sports (and a few others - Dark Side Chronicles going on memory) don't. When I just start the game it's black and white (as I would expect, being PAL). When I force Video to NTSC (or just plain to the console default, since I changed the firmware to US), I just get a Black screen and the WiiMote turns off. I have to unplug the wii to get out.

So 2 questions:
1) Is there some trick I might be missing. I tried using IOS 248, 247 and 222-mod, all with the same result. I get the same thing by the way if I force video to US using NeoGamma to start. My kids actually like Wii Sports, so that's a little annoying.

2) What's the legal situation in just downloading a US version of the games that I already bought in Europe. Anybody know if I can get in trouble for that.

Incidentally, on a similar note, my (brand new) retail copy of Epic Mickey got a pretty bad scratch (I know... more careful where my DVDs are with small kids in the house), so it kinda plays most of the time, but will freeze randomly, but I straight out cannot bump it to the drive. Again, since I bought it, could I just download a copy and copy it to the disk from there, or would that be very illegal?

Thanks in advance