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Thread: Games start problem

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    Games start problem


    I successfully installed softmod on my Wii 4.3E and try to execute games from my HDD (via Usb Loader GX) now.

    First 2 games work fine:
    Guitar Hero Metallica and Rock Band 3. I execute them from IOS 249. Also tried from IOS 250, but there are some strange lags.

    All other games are just problems.
    I'm able to start Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Warriors of Rock from IOS 223 ONLY, and then hang after 1-5 seconds.
    All other IOSes (222, 249, 250) just give black screen for them.

    Mario Galaxy 2 - the same story...
    Mario Galaxy 1 - worked until first movie end and hanged too.

    I upgraded everything with help of "Pimp My Wii" (no errors during upgrade), but no success still.
    Please help, my head is going to blow up already

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    Wonder why your thread is closed? Look where you posted it. And "Pimp My Wii" = BRICK MY WII.


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