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Thread: Any Help Running Korean Games on an American Wii?

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    Any Help Running Korean Games on an American Wii?

    I have a North American Wii, and safely installed Homebrew thanks to the tutorials on this site, and I'm enjoying using my Wii for years now.

    One problem is that I live in Korea, but I don't know how I might be able to run Korean games on my Wii. It's really hard to get games from other regions, and buying Korean games takes a lot less money.

    From what I heard, Korean Wiis have different "keys" or whatever they're called..

    But recently, I also heard that Gecko OS might have the slightest chance of running Korean games, since it is capable of installing the specific IOS's required to run games.

    The only Korean disc I have now is Guitar Hero 3, which I bought second-handed for the guitar controller :P

    So, is there any chance for me to be able to run Korean games on my American Wii, without any modchips whatsoever?

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    Thanks, but I heard that there was something different about the hardware between Korean Wiis and other Wiis?

    Or maybe I was misinformed?...

    And also, most of the games I have right now are North American ones, so I have to make sure I can play those freely too..
    Sorry for all the trouble

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