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Thread: New wii 4.3E - problem

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    New wii 4.3E - problem

    Hi, people

    I bought this home for my daughter (and for me too hehehe) a white wii, connecting :-( I just got a 4.3E update (not sure if it was otherwise before).

    My question are:
    1- I would obviously like to be able to run games that "utorront" the net (recorded sayings / pirates) but from what I read that you need to do something on my Wii;
    2-I went to the store and as there was no indiana jones pal, bought the smash bral but ........... pal to do the steps that are listed here in this forum but I can not nothing
    3 pulled and done "thousends of songs" ways of putting homebrew or something like that (or already have an account that pulled the files), but ......... or simply nothing happens on my wii (following the steps of the topic) or the message

    ERROR # OO4
    AN error has occurred

    the wii freezes and then just removing the sdcard and holding the part that leaves the power button mproblems, but as I said, nothing happens.

    What am I doing wrong (I follow the footsteps of the topic) or do not give my wii?

    Help are the solution has understood the matter, or will the game smash barwl PAL is the problem. "


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    we can't and won't assist you with pirated material, Forum Rules.
    only 5d wheelie breaker and indiana jones the original adventures will work on your 4.3 E console, nothing else.
    go buy/borrow/rent one of the games.
    Thread closed-redundant

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks


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