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Thread: Wii Brick, Using an infectus 2, Removing the nand chip, and problem stuck. help me.

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    Wii Brick, Using an infectus 2, Removing the nand chip, and problem stuck. help me.

    Sorry my english very bad
    I like wii, i have a new wii korea with D4 chip, when backup everything (nand key ok) i start to do stypid thing and now wii black screen without anything, but i have nand backup and i buy an infectus 2 try to unbrick my love wii. I use tutorial of DeadlyFoez. My wii is newer wii and Solderless method can't work IDE wires can't fit to hole on wii broad. I removing the nand chip ok, solder 16 wires 01234567 and VUTQPONM, check again for good solder point. 16 wires ok. Driver for infectus2 (xavbox) ok. But when i connect, click Detect USB and Open but always fail with Error during infectus reset. I check again 16 wires, it good. But i stuck . Me head and my eyes want to explode
    Here my pic (so sorry my camera cant marco good ( )
    am i missing anything, any wire or wrong at something ?
    Happy New Year to all reader, Best wish for u

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    Well, you're in it neck deep at this point. If you were going to go through all the trouble of soldering directly to the NAND you could've just left it attached to the motherboard. I find it hard to believe that not one of those wires are crossed seeing as they're all exposed. Even after you successfully program the NAND you will have to refit it to the motherboard which is a difficult task in itself if you've never done it before.

    With this all said, I see one flaw with your wiring. You don't have the ground connected from the Infectus to the NAND. You will have to solder two more wires from ground (on Infectus) to pins 13 and 36.
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    Yeah, I told him about VCC and VSS on the chip when he PM'ed me.

    Also, those wires are insulated I think... they have a core thats conductive that you need to expose (assuming its the wire I think it is).
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    Thank you guy. wires are insulated, i took it from old machine.
    Yesterday i finised it. After resolded nand chip to wii mobo it work great
    Thanks streamlinehd
    Thanks DeadlyFoez for the tut
    Thanks Bad_Ad84 i can't save my wii without your help. Big thanks to you.


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