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Thread: 1st download !!!!

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    Angry 1st download !!!!

    Hey everyone,
    new at all this, trying 1st burn, not working out too well, here's all I did:

    1) Installed HBC and Gamma .3
    2) Downloaded animal crossing from WWW - RAR file 463,719,031 bytes
    3) Unpacked file to ISO 4,699,979,776 bytes
    4) Burned ISO to DVD-R at 1X using ImgBurn
    5) Tried to run with Gamma, drive makes clicking noises and nothing but
    black screen

    Am I missing a step or anything else ?

    Thanks for the help

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    animal crossing needs a special patch to work =P from what i remember anyways, wait for chris he will post all u need to know

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    First of all, you should burn the ISO at 2X.

    Second, animal crossing has some issues with firmware 3.4, so if you have 3.4, you will need to downgrade. If not, just ignore this part.

    Tell me how it works.

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    i have animal crossing working perfectly on my 3.4 lol. i burnt it at x4 using sony dvd-r, 3.99 (pounds) for 5 with cases really good quality.
    I did everything you did and it worked fine.
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    K....reburned it 2X, also installed IOS38....just in case, same result

  6. #6 it working...uninstalled IOS249 and reinstalled it

    Thanks to all for the help

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiveMaster View Post it working...uninstalled IOS249 and reinstalled it

    Thanks to all for the help
    Do u have any chip in ur Wii? I am running on Wiigator only. I tried the steps but still not working...

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    no chip...downloaded RAR from here called Root.rar followed all the steps, Zelda thing, then HB, then downgrade, then installed all the IOS's and apps.


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