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Thread: Can you run a port-powered usb hdd off a hub?

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    Can you run a port-powered usb hdd off a hub?

    Got a self powered drive (1TB, WD Elements) and there's a lot of stuttering with the wii remote. Plugged in a wd passport essential (500gb) and no issues - so it's not the wii ios or anything. I figure the power for the drive is just a tad too much. So...

    Has anyone tried running a port-powered drive off of a powered usb hub just for the extra power? I imagine it would be a major no-no to try and run anything else off of it so the hub would be 'dedicated', but I was wondering if anyone had tried this or had any recommendations against?

    Would like to avoid downsizing or buying a new, externally powered drive if I can.

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    Moved to newbie section (Software Backup Loaders was not really the best place for this, lol).

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    yup, the 1TB WD 'may be' of multi-disc and takes more power than the 500GB's.
    if u must use the 1TB, spin up the drive with external power supply (usually with a usb cable having an aux power connector) then hook to Wii.
    be cautious: u need a reliable external power supply to do that. otherwise, in case of power failure, there's a possibility for excessive current draw at the Wii's usb port.
    worst case is 'burnt the usb fuse on Wii motherboard'.


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