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Thread: Tron and Epic Mickey

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    Tron and Epic Mickey

    Hello all first time poster long time reader, I am having problems loading epic mickey and Tron from a USB loaderGX and Wii Flow. I have tired everything that I can think of. I first soft modded 4.2 the updated to 4.3 WAN (4.3 Wananinko Firmware Updater) firmware and used the wii soft mod guide for 4.3 and I can't get either one of those games to load.

    With USBloaderGX I click on the game and the Wii freezes up and I have to restart. I have soft-modded four other wii's with no issues with 4.3 firmware. My personnel wii is the only one not able to load the games. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am banging my head on this one..

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    I have the same problem and would like to find a solution.... bump for any info!

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    I don't know about Tron, but Epic Mickey works fine with IOS249 rev17. There is no magic needed to get this game working. Try re-ripping your retail disc.

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    Ok thanks, I'll try re-ripping it, before I do, just to be straight, is this the same as IOS 249 rev 17:


    That is one of the wads installed on my wii. I am pretty new and wads/IOS/cIOS are the three things I struggle with even after reading the guides as to what they are.



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