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Thread: Can't find a working genplusgx forwarder

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    Can't find a working genplusgx forwarder

    I have tried PEPXL and Skater4599 forwarders with no success. I am using a HDD to load the apps, not an sd card. With skaters forwarder I followed this posters advice
    skaters forwarder works fine, but I needed to:

    i) use the 'genplus_wii.dol' in the download renamed to boot.dol - the boot.dol in the apps folder is compressed and wont run from the forwarder

    ii) from the download, rename the 'genplus-gx' to 'genplusgx' within your apps folder
    When starting either forwarder I get an error message saying
    SD not initialized
    Rebooting wii...

    My folder structure is usb:\apps\genplusgx\boot.dol

    Update: Got it all sorted out by using this forwarder by Skater4599
    Sega Genesis - SEGA.wad

    He also has other USB 2.0 forwarders if anyone is interested.
    New Forwarders, With USB2.0 speed! -
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