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Thread: wiin64 help plz

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    wiin64 help plz

    hi i installed n64 emulator but cant get the emulator to find the rom i put on flash drive made a folder wii64 then made a rom folder and put it inside of the wii64 folder and put roms in the roms folder but wont find it i format it to fat 32 and even try to made data dvd but says cant find dvdx v2 or something like that. thanks for any help

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    Im sorry new here.

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    what file extension is the rom (.z64, .v64 etc.)

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    most are .z64 some are v.64

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    Now is the entire homebrew channel and apps saved to the flashdrive or is it all on an sd card

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    its all installed on a sd card

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    ok then, take the rom off of your usb stick and on the root of your sd card there should be a folder called wii64 already there, open that up, then open the folder inside called 'roms' and put the rom in there. it should work now

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    Your clue is, "it says cant find dvdx v2". You need to install cIOS202 to load ROMs from DVD...If your Wii is capable of playing burned discs that is.

    If you want to play from SD/SDHC/USB see below.

    [SPOILER="Wii64"]Wii64 is a Wii port of the PC N64 emulator Mupen64.

    Homebrew Page
    Home Page
    Google Code Page
    Compatibility List

    Things you will need:
    A softmodded Wii and remote
    A Fat16/32 SD or USB device (* see notes)

    Wii64 does not support SDHC. (* see notes)

    (* Even though SDHC cards aren't officially supported I do own an SDHC it runs on.)

    Additional BIOS you will need:

    File types supported:

    Compressed file types supported:

    1) Download and extract You will end up with a folder named wii64-beta1.1.

    Inside yabause-r2604wii-beta17 you will find apps, wii64, and README.

    README isn't necessary to the operation of the emulator.
    Inside apps you will find wii64.

    Inside wii64 you will find boot.dol, icon.png, and meta.xml.

    Inside the other wii64 folder you will find roms and saves. saves is currently empty.

    Inside roms you will find fcube.v64 and wii64.z64.

    2) If you don't already have a apps folder on your SD/SDHC/USB create a folder named apps at your root. - /apps

    Copy the entire contents of the wii64 folder in apps into the apps folder you are currently using or just created. - /apps/wii64

    3) Copy wii64 and it's contents (roms and saves) to the root of your SD/SDHC/USB. - /wii64 (/wii64/roms, /wii64/saves)

    4) Put your ROMs inside roms (/wii64/roms).

    5) Eject your SD/SDHC/USB from the PC and insert it in your Wii. Fire the Wii up and enter the HBC. Launch Wii64 and it will go into a options screen.

    Choose Load ROM and you will be taken into a screen where you can choose where to load your ROMs from.

    Pick where to load your Roms from and you will be taken into the game selection screen.

    Pick you game and you will be taken back to the options screen with the ROM loaded.

    Pick Play Game and it will launch.
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    its odd but when i look at my sd card nothing saved on it shows up at all looks like nothing has been installed on it also how can i move my roms from usb to that folder if i can find it lol i dont have a sd card reader my friend installed hbc for me thanks for your help.

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