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Thread: Playing Gamecube Backups

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    Playing Gamecube Backups

    I have a problem with playing Gamecube backups. I am using WiiGator's cMIOS on IOS249 and it installs fine, and then use Neogamma (latest version i think) to play my Gamecube backups burned on dvds. they play fine, everything works. BUT if I try to put in any Wii games (backups or original discs) I get an alert saying I need to update to play them. This update does nothing except uninstalls the cMIOS. I then need to re-install it in order to play any Gamecube games. Is there any other installer I can use that does not force a system update? Or any other way I can fix this annoying problem?

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    Why don't you utilize the search feature and find Stomp422's guide on this rather than posting YAT (Yet Another Thread)? That and learn what Priiloader is/does.

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