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Thread: Help! Is wii as good as dead ?_?

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    Question Help! Is wii as good as dead ?_?

    Hey all.

    Last year I softmoded my wii and it went well but then suddenly something went wrong and I couldn't start any of my channels or even the games but no problem entering the menu to update and so on. But I handled it by starting the wii in homebrew and playing games through Gecko, but then I accidently updated it 4.3E and then nothing worked...

    I have tried to reinstall homebrew, hackmii etc. I even tried to format it.

    Anyone got any bright ideas? I donít want to bury my wii just yet...

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    Man... I cant wait until someone writes a guide for a 4.3 system menu. You would think that a big site with over a million users like this one and a fabulous softmoder such as Mauifrog we would have one by now......

    Post in the intro section and introduce yourself and lets see what happens. Maybe someone there can help you.

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    I love these guys who barge in here and are clueless, lol --- thread closed. Do as instructed, sir.


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