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Thread: In need of some Advice

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    In need of some Advice

    Hi All!

    Just got a new Wii 4.3U, followed Mauifrogs guide to the tee or I thought I did, anyway installed Homebrew, bootmill wouldn't install boot2 but no error, backed up nan, Installed all wads, everything was sucessfull, downgraded to 4.1, everything went fine, preloader is in.

    I put a backup disk in the backup disk player and got 1167 error so figured it was a new drive so probably a waste of time installing darkcorp. Setup my usb Hdd followed Ntsc guide
    on this site but didn't install cfg forwarder as I think that was included in modpack.I have
    apppack on sd card able to get into drive, some settings were,ios 250 (r65535) (frag) Base
    ios?? D1:57 Mload V.18, I Put a disk in error (ret = - 2) check error list, fix I guess would be to upgrade maybe loader, so for edit and giggles I go to install willflow, and guess what no wad installer in homebrew.

    Any advice on this, please be easy on me, Its to the point I don't know where I'm at anymore. This 15 minute job as turned into 2 days, and what I thought I understood I have lost.

    Thanks for any help!!
    Happy Holidays!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Serpico View Post
    Just got a new Wii 4.3U, followed Mauifrogs guide to the tee
    And rather than posting within the guide, started YAT (Yet Another Thread).


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