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Thread: New to WIIworld

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    New to WIIworld

    Just wanted to say hey to everyone here. As my signature says, I am a Airborne soldier [inactive now, but there is no such thing as a former soldier]. I love heavy metal tuneage, abd horror movies. My son [me] got a WII for Christmas, so yes, I am a very much newbie. I like what I have been reading thus far. See ya soon
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    yo heres a few games you should check out,guitar hero warriors of rock,being a former soldier call of duty black ops online play is great and check out some of the resident evil games too being a horror fan like myself and also silent hill shattered memories,good luck hacking your wii

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    Hello and welcome to

    As you are just adjusting something on your signature, though the pic is nice, it is way to big for your signature, please use smaller one. Thank you. Enjoy the forum

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    There are just a few things you should keep in mind. Be sure that you read the forum rules and understand them. Any discussion about pirated material or cheating will be shut down. Be sure to post in the correct forum section - best suiting the post's content. Before posting it is always good to check if the question has been answered already, the chances are very high. Just give the searchbar a shot - further infos in the Ultimate Searching Guide by emuhack. Keep in mind you can also search within the thread your are currently reading, look at the top right corner and find "search thread" in the bar.
    Maybe you want to try out this as well:
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    You might also want to check out the Ultimate Wiihacks Index and the Wii Softmodding - Basics and Beyond to get along the site and get to know some hacking terminology etc .

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    My bad bro, it is fixed now. Thank you for all the info.
    I love COD Black Ops, thank you for the other suggestions, I am new to it and always open for more. Thanx again
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