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Thread: confused about SD card

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    confused about SD card

    Ok I think I corectly soft moded my wii I used the Full hacking guide for 4.2 system menus!!!!

    now if the SD card in not in the slot and I lanch the usbloader channel I get a crash dump error is this normal? (works if in the slot but it goes black screen then says something about 236 the 36 then 249 then launches

    I wold also like to know the name or the channel I can install to back up my games to my external HDD

    sorry if this is a complete NOOBIE question
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    or do I need to install something on my HDD

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    White fish,
    if Forwarder was just installed, the sd card (with the Loader's boot.dol) must be always on ! Again, you'll see the Forwarder displayed like a "channel" on screen.

    Must FULL CHANNEL be installed, if u would like to kick away the sd card from the console and playable with external HDD.

    comparing the file size, a FULL CHANNEL wad file is larger than a Forwarder one, for the same loader. FYI


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