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Thread: first time flashing advice

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    first time flashing advice

    Well i've decided after years of paying to have 360's flashed and being as my ex bought me a kit for xmas,that i'd now start playing around with a spare 360 i got here with a samsung 1.61 drive in and see if i could flash it myself to LT.

    heres the kit i got
    Xecuter CK3 Lite + LT Switch 1.5 + Probe 2 + Unlock Kit + XT Adapter (Super Bundle II) -

    So what i would appreciate is someone to post some pics maybe of how they have their flashing setup put together.
    also if anyone can explain what that xt adapter is and how all this goes together or can point me in the direction of something simular that shows pics of how its all put together that'll be great.

    JF and reading tuts on flashing is easy,its just how this lot is put together.
    I'm waiting on a via card from the same bunch so just need to know what is needed out of all the above and how its used.
    I've asked on team-xecuter site,but not much help coming from those,so i'd though i'd ask here amongst the people who i mainly talk to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skagg View Post
    being as my ex bought me a kit for xmas
    Wow, that's a nice ex, lol. I just did a Benq with assistance from Bad_Ad84 (the drive went electrically dead and I needed the drivekey). Of course, I didn't use all that unnecessary stuff; powered the drive via XBox and attached to PC's SATA controller (again, a Benq; Samsungs and others I do know are handled differently).


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